Florida is known for its many varieties of palms, but here’s one you may not have heard of: Florida thatch palm trees (Thrinax radiata). This long-lived tree is native to the region and makes a wonderful accent specimen in a small garden. Growing Florida thatch palms is not difficult in the right climate. If these trees interest you, read on for more Florida thatch palm facts and information about their cultural requirements. Florida Thatch Palm Facts Florida thatch palm trees are also known as silk-top thatch palms. They don’t grow in groups but are largely solitary, growing as individual specimens. They are native to the tropical areas of Florida as well as the Caribbean. However, they are currently on the endangered list. These palms grow only one trunk. The leaves are palmate, with green tops and yellow green coloration on the underside of the blades. The leaf tips droop noticeably. […]

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