Abscisic acid (ABA) plays an important role in plant adaptation to water deficits, but its role in regulating root growth (primary root elongation and lateral root number) during different drought-phases remains unclear. Here, we exposed wild-type (WT) and ABA-deficient (not) tomato plants to three continuous drought-phases (moderate drying: day 0–21; severe drying: day 22–47 and re-watering: day 48–51). It was found that WT increased primary root growth during moderate drying; maintained more lateral roots, and greater primary root and total root length under severe drying; and produced more roots after re-watering. After RNA-Seq analysis, we found that the auxin-related genes in root showed different expression patterns between WT and not under drying or re-watering. Further, exogenous supply of IAA partially recovered the root growth of ABA-deficient not plants under three continuous drought-phases. Our results suggested that ABA regulation of tomato root growth during soil drying and recovery can involve auxin response.

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