It’s absolutely infuriating! Your pepper plants were growing beautifully yesterday and today they are broken, chewed or just plain missing. By far, most major damage to pepper plants occurs from insects and pests, such as cutworms, hornworms, and armyworms. But if you’ve ruled out these pests, you may be wondering what animals eat pepper plants?  Animals That Damage Pepper Plants As home gardeners, we put a lot of time, effort and money into growing veggies for the dinner table. Yet, when animal pests enter our gardens, all of our hard work can disappear overnight. But before we can deter animals from the garden, we first have to identify the culprits. Do deer eat pepper plants? As members of the nightshade family, peppers are not one of the preferred foods of deer. However, hungry deer will eat most anything. Normally, there’s plenty of desirable forage during the growing season, but a […]

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